The Best Corporate Lawyer in Indonesia to Secure Your Business

The Best Corporate Lawyer in Indonesia to Secure Your Business

Actually, Indonesia has become one of the most potential investment destination. The US President Joe Biden also said that Indonesia is one of the US important strategic partner in Asia. If you planned to invest in Indonesia, we have a suggestion. You need to hire the best corporate lawyer in Indonesia to secure your businesses there.

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The country’s economic policies are very welcome to the foreign investors. The governance have made the infestation procedures easier for foreign investors.

On October 27, the Center for East Asia Policy Studies at Brookings will host President Joko Widodo of Indonesia for a discussion on the role of Indonesia in the changing world, focusing on economic opportunities and reforms, geopolitics, ASEAN, and international commitments.

In fact, under the leadership of President Joko Widodo, this country is very welcome to the investors from all over the world.

For this purpose, the government of the republic of Indonesia has created a legal framework and laws governing this policy. One of them is by establishing PT. PMA (Foreign Investment Company).

However, behind the conveniences offered by this country, as a foreign investor, you must remain cautious and vigilant. There are many incidents, where investors are deceived by what we call them as “the mafia”.

What and who are the mafia?

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The mafia is, those who take the advantages through insiders. This insiders can help them getting the money from the company, with the legally very weak cooperation contract.

Furthermore, after they got the money, they will not actually carry out the mutually agreed cooperation points in the contract agreement.

Sadly, the funding company sometime cannot sue them to the court.


Because the cooperation agreement clauses does not mention specific tight consequences to bind them,

if some points in the cooperation agreement are not fulfilled. The cooperation agreement also not mention the specific certain time for them to create the project after a certain percentage of the budget being handed over to them.

That is why you need to hire the best corporate lawyer in Indonesia. They can secure your businesses and your company with the tight legal aspects.

The first thing you should do before deciding to invest is, appointing the best corporate lawyer in Indonesia who will be your legal consultant in the establishment of a company, businesses, or investments.

The lawyer will provide you with comprehensive information, from A to Z, about the legal aspects of a foreign investors who is doing a businesses in Indonesia. Starting from the establishment process of the company, to the operations and work contracts with the local workers.

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Case Study; The Mafia

Why you need to hire the best corporate lawyer in Indonesia to secure your business? Please read the story below.

Several months ago, we were presented with a legal problem experienced by an an investor of mining company from China. This investor knows us through one of our colleagues who had been an Indonesian diplomat in China.

In his case, he owns a mining company in Bogor area, West Java, which once signed a mining investment cooperation contract with another company.

After we investigate his case, we found that the company he has signed the cooperation contract with them was a fictitious company. They do not have a representative office. Their office address was an address of a regular residential house, not an address of a company’s office.

The investor presented us with his contract file with that “fictitious company,” so that we could examine the clauses that could bring the “fictitious company” to court.

The company that owned by an investor from China has poured funds of up to 12 billion rupiahs as a down payment for the opening of new mining area in the Cileungsi area, Bogor, West Java, Indonesia.

However, after so many years after the funds being handed over, there is no sign of mining activity in the area in question.

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Our corporate lawyer team is a very professional, well experienced, and specialized in corporate law and labor law.

After we examined the contract draft, we found that the clauses of the cooperation agreement in the draft were legally is very weak, and did not bind the second party at all with a law consequences if they didn’t fulfill the agreement contract.

Anyhow, the good legal agreement actually must bind all the parties who received fund with a various tight legal consequences. If not, one of the parties can cheat by taking advantages of the weaknesses of the mutually agreed agreement.

Such, if within a certain period of time, or after a certain percentage of the down payment was handed over, there are no physical progress of the mining activity, they will got the certain legal consequences. The point like this is very important to mention in the mutual contract agreement.

But the clauses of the cooperation contract agreement are very weak legally. In addition, based on our investigation, the payment process to the second party is far deviating from the correct corporate administration governance.

We suspect that it is not only the director of the fictitious company who is involved in the “embezzlement of funds” down payment for the cooperation contract for the opening of the new mining area, but the director who signed the contract is also suspected of being involved.

And, when the draft agreement was consulted with us, the director who signed the contract with that fictitious company was fired. The one who came to consult the case with us was the new director.

Not only this model of fraud trick what the mafia do, but also they have much more trick of fraud. As well as they do it to this poor mining company.

First Thing First; Point The Best Corporate Lawyer in Indonesia

The story above is only one among many cases where the investors was tricked. So, take a look to the various cases that have been experienced by other foreign investors.

The first thing you have to do is, appointing the corporate lawyer who is a local resident, with specialization academic background and well experienced in handling a business and corporate law in Indonesia.

Above all, the corporate lawyer you pointed will give you many advice about the legal aspects of your investment. If you point them, they also can take care of all legal aspect of your company.

We have several lawyers team, they are the best corporate lawyer in Indoneisa. Specialized in corporate law and labor law.

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